A new scientific field

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From Monday 4 March 2013, four of the world’s leading minds are meeting in Adelaide to discuss ‘prospecting’, an exciting scientific field blending psychology, neuroscience and philosophy.

Professor Martin Seligman, Professor Peter Railton, Professor Chandra Sripada and Professor Roy Baumeister will meet in Adelaide to begin the development of this exciting field.

The work is being funded by the prestigious Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic organisation in the US that supports research on issues regarding human purpose.

In a fantastic opportunity for South Australia, local researchers will meet with the visiting professors to discuss the worldwide research opportunities that arise from this work.

Historically, psychologists have often thought of people as prisoners of the past. Prospecting looks at how people can become future minded rather than live their lives controlled by the past. Part of breaking the shackles of the past is the development of serious science and pedagogy that looks at how people evaluate possible futures.

VIDEO: Martin Seligman talks about ‘Prospecting’